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  Wuhu Token Sciences Co.,Ltd. is located in Wuhu Economic Technology Development Zone on 43 acres along the Yangtze River.Wuhu Token was founded in 2000.We specialize in the design,manufacturing,and supply of high volume and quality ITO glass.with the glass processes completed in house such as coating.cutting,seaming,edge works,polishing,cell etching,photo etching.and chemical strengthen.The company grew through its outstanding innovation,from environmentally-friendly production,processes to customized solutions for its clients.Wuhu Token is the largest manufacturer for ITO glass with 10+ years of experience and strong growth expanding to the products of project capacitive touch sensor and thinning glass."Display today,Touch future"Wuhu Token was in publicly traded on ChiNext(Security Code:300088)in Shenzhen as focusing on vacuum coating technology and the photo etching techhnology of FPD since 2010.The whole fully of enterprise company,Tianjin Amtech Vacuum Technology Co., one of the largest vacuum coating manufacturers in China.Tianjin Ametech services include the sputtering and EBVM technologies for Colored OCVM,NCVM,AR coatings and anti smudge coating on plastic and glass substrates.Both of Wuhu Token and Tianjin Amtech are the State Hitech Enterprises in Anhui Province and Tianjin City.



  Vision:People oriented,Excelsior,low carbon environmental protection and